If you are planning construction or repairs on your home or business, it if important to know first whether there is asbestos on the premises. Asbestos is safe as long as it is undisturbed. However, when it is cut or moved during construction, particles can become airborne. Older asbestos may also be prone to crumbling, which can release particles into the air. These particles, when inhaled, can cause a number of respiratory problems. To be sure that you are safe, asbestos removal is a must before any construction job and old, degrading asbestos must be removed.


Where Asbestos Shows Up in Homes


Any home built before 1980 probably has asbestos on or in it somewhere.


Old vinyl  floors usually contained asbestos. You will also likely find it in your floor if you have 9' x 9' tiles that were manufactured thirty or more years ago. Most older tiles in that shape and size used asbestos during manufacturing.


Older insulation in your home may be asbestos-based. This insulation may be found around ducts, pipes, boilers and fireplaces.


Asbestos may also be found in ceiling tiles, in roof shingles, siding and flashing. The joint compound used on sheetrock seams may also be made of asbestos.


Asbestos Testing and Detection


There is no way to visually inspect a home and determine whether there is asbestos there. There is nothing characteristic and definitive about its appearance. It has no smell.


The only way to know for sure whether you have asbestos is for a professional to take samples and take them to a lab for testing. With lab testing, you can find out whether a material is asbestos and the best remediation plan.


What should You Do if You Have Asbestos?


In most cases, asbestos that is solid and not in an area where you wish to make repairs or renovations can stay where it is. Asbestos only becomes dangerous when it is disturbed.


If your Chicago building has asbestos that is crumbling or damaged, it needs remediation or removal. Leaving damaged asbestos can allow it to become airborne. When people breathe asbestos, they can develop health issues that include mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer.


If you wish to have work done on your house, it is vital to have an asbestos check first. If asbestos is found, it can be safely removed by professionals trained in asbestos remediation.


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